Sexual Abuse

Anonymous Story: The Interview

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I went back home after my youth service and resumed my search for a job but it was taking too long to find one, I had told everyone I knew but nothing was happening so I decided to serve in church but I didn’t want anybody to know about my service, I just wanted it to be between me and God, I thought that by serving I would touch God and get Him to notice me because I had such big plans for my life and I knew it was only God that could help seeing as there was nobody else, I would go very early on Sunday morning and clean the church with the sanctuary keeper and then go back home to prepare for service, it was only my mum and my siblings that knew about it.

The chaplain saw me once after we had finished cleaning and I was heading home and we talked for a while, a few months later there was a program in church and we had a guest minister, a bishop, I was asked by the chaplain to help serve the guests some food and refreshments while my mum waited for me and afterwards he introduced me to the bishop and told him that I was a graduate and I was looking for a job and asked him if he would help me, the bishop gave me his email address and asked me to send my CV to him. After that night, he would call me or my mum, pray for us and tell me about some places where he submitted my CV.

It didn’t take long before he called me and invited me to attend an interview at his friend’s school, he picked me up after the interview and we went to the church, he prayed for me and he picked up a few things and we drove to his house, or so I thought, we got into a compound but it was very quiet and the building was uncompleted, I asked about his wife and kids because I thought that was why he brought me there, to introduce me to his family since he knew my mum and he had spoken to her that morning before I came for the interview, but he said that his family lived at the bishop’s quarters and the one we were in was his personal house he was building for retirement, I knew immediately that I was in danger and asked to leave so I could make it home on time but he asked me to come sit on his laps and I shouldn’t worry and that I had nothing to be afraid of, I stood up to make my way past him and leave and he grabbed me, we started struggling and I started begging him, I then threatened to scream if he won’t leave me, we struggled for a while but it seemed like forever and then he left me, I ran out of there and found my way home.

I didn’t tell my mum and for a while I didn’t go to clean the church but my mum wouldn’t let me be, she liked the work I was doing in church and encouraged it, she wanted to know why I stopped going but I didn’t tell her because I didn’t want her to make any trouble or for my name to be all over the place in church so I resumed my service. Needless to say i encountered him in church again while I was cleaning, I didn’t know he had been invited to hold the morning service for the student reverends that day, we were running late with the cleaning and he tried again…

I never went back, stopped worshiping there entirely after much arguments with my mum, I didn’t tell her the real reason I didn’t want to go back there but she finally relented. I was just so numb about the whole thing, I didn’t feel anything and just tried to forget about it, but I had a lot of questions and lots of suppressed emotions, I withdrew into myself and just stayed away from people.


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