Stoikiy Muzhik. I first heard the phrase in Bridge of Spies, the 2015 historical drama directed and produced by Steven Spielberg. In the movie, Colonel Abel used it to describe the quality he observed in his lawyer James Donovan. He said the words after watching how resilient Donovan was in defending him. Stoikiy Muzhik, or standing man, the man who keeps standing back up even though everyone tries to put him down, made an impression on me. What can be more impressive than the thought of a man who just won’t back down?  According to Colonel Abel, “Every time they hit him, he stood back up again. Soldier hit him harder, still he got back up to his feet. I think because of this they stopped the beating and let him live.” I think what made such an impression on me wasn’t his resoluteness. It wasn’t the strength, nor the conviction.…