If you listen to any conversation about mental health, mental illness and addiction, it won’t be long until the term “stigma” comes up. Stigma has many definitions, but ultimately, it refers to negative attitudes, beliefs, descriptions, language or behavior associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person. In other words, it means the disrespectful, unfair or discriminatory patterns in how we think, feel, talk and behave towards a group of people, in this case individuals experiencing a mental illness. If you wonder where stigma comes from, then you’re not alone but when you think about it… you realize that it’s a complicated question. It’s almost like asking where do differences in political views, religious preferences, or sports team allegiances come from? We are largely influenced (way too easily) by our environment, our family, friends, the media and our culture, inaccurate stereotypes and a whole other factors. Rather than trying to…