Sexual Health


Think about this: you meet a potential new love interest. What do you discuss? Well, online you’ll of course disclose way more, much faster than in real life. In real life you may talk less openly but you’ll notice cues that indicate socio-economic standing, like car, clothing, wrist watch. You’ll be alert to relationship status, via rings on fingers (although these days, some married people don’t wear their rings, sigh), times of availability and phone calls received and relationship to mobile. You may watch movies/TV/Series together and get a feel of this person’s politics, including gender politics, sexism, feminism, religious standing, biases, cultural beliefs, etc. and you will even gingerly push sexual boundaries by making sexual jokes to test out levels of traditionalism versus liberalism. In other words, from get go, you are assessing the sexual health of this person and whether you two will be a good fit for…