Emotional Courage


 Do you find yourself avoiding situations that trigger uncomfortable feelings? How is this holding you back? What might happen if you take the leap and trust that facing your fears will ultimately empower you? Will you speak up honestly? Will you stand in your vulnerability rather than be self-protective? Will you trust that you can survive feelings of shame or embarrassment?  Emotional courage means we are willing to connect to all aspects of ourselves, including old, scary and painful experiences, and feel whatever comes up, rather than cutting ourselves off to avoid pain, shame, grief, and sadness. It means being willing to be vulnerable, truthful, and aware of your conscious experience of core emotions, which you think about and express often in language as feelings.   Emotional courage also means loving yourself, being proud of yourself, and believing that you are worthy of love and happiness.   Essentially, it is related to self-acceptance, coupled with a willingness to move…