Bystander Intervention


The only person responsible for committing sexual assault is a perpetrator; however, everyone has the ability to look out for one another’s safety. Whether it’s giving someone a safe ride home from a party or directly confronting a person who is engaging in threatening behaviour towards someone else, anyone can help prevent sexual violence. A bystander is an individual who is present when a violent incident, such as sexual assault, takes place but isn’t directly involved. Bystanders might be present when rape, harassment or abuse occurs—or they could witness the circumstances that led up to these crimes, and thus potentially are in a position to discourage, prevent, or interrupt an incident. You may have heard the term “Bystander Intervention”. This is the act of feeling empowered and equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively assist in the prevention of sexual violence. The intervention act doesn’t have to jeopardize the safety of…