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Submission Guidelines:
  • Share as much or as little as you’re comfortable sharing.
  • Express yourself in any medium you wish: written stories or  poems.
  • Use this as an opportunity to share your story with other survivors – not to name your rapist/attacker. Shareanonymousng will not publish names or identifying details of anyone, pseudonyms are welcome, and then only with your permission. If you leave the field blank, it will be posted as "Anonymous Story".

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Are you ready to submit?

Sharing your story can be an intense and emotional experience, and you shouldn't do so until you're sure you're ready.If you are ready, I'm here for you. The other survivors who have shared their stories are here for you. 

SA will review all submissions before post. We may edit some details, but will try to contact you first for permission (for example, if you have included identifying information in your post).

We will never share your story without your permission, you can always take it down by emailing hello@shareanonymousng.com

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To understand more about sharing your story, read:

If you’ve ever experienced something that is too difficult or traumatic to talk about, usually writing can help.

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