I’m Taking My Body Back

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Using a mix of poetry and narrative, Rupi Kaur weaves together a powerful and cathartic story – which in spite of great trauma, ends where it begins – by restoring the feeling of home within her body. She begins her talk with a spoken-word piece about her body after sexual assault, describing it as a home that has been robbed. Though her voice is soft and her gestures delicate, her words cut deep: “All the different parts in me turned the lights off, shut the blinds, locked the doors. I hid at the back of some upstairs closet of my mind while someone came and broke the windows. You, someone, kicked the door in. You took everything. You, someone, took me.”

Rupi shares her struggle through the trauma; the sense of homelessness, the self-loathing, and the challenges with body image. She poses a question, “What happens when your body, when your body, is attacked?”

Rupi Kaur is a celebrated photographer, illustrator, author and spoken word artists. Her latest work, Milk and Honey is a powerful exploration of femininity, love, loss, trauma and healing. 

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