Child Abuse

Have an Anonymous Story to Share? We want to read it.

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If you’ve ever experienced something that is too difficult or traumatic to talk about, usually writing can help. When a person describes something, the reader’s brain is wired to connect images and assign meaning to the words, this is true for the many ways we use words to invite people; friends, family, and strangers, into our world, expanding possibilities and building connections.

This sharing of words between the writer and the reader does something interesting, it collapses the space between us and gives us the opportunity to walk, even if for just a little while, in another’s shoes and perhaps feel what they feel. It connects us more intimately than any other channel, especially when it’s in a safe place. This is what the Shareanonymousng website is all about.

Another thing that words have the capacity for that is quite special is, when words are disconnected from visual identity it gives anonymity to the author, while at the same time letting a piece of them touch the world.

And so, through, we’ve created a platform for difficult and traumatic experiences to be shared anonymously, experiences like child sexual abuse, rape, sexual harrassment and molestation, because we believe in the incredible power of empathy . Why is this important? We’ve made it our mission to encourage all survivors of the experiences mentioned above to tell their story in a safe space, it would not only help end the loneliness and the shame that comes with secrecy and silence, it would also help expose the readers to commonalities in the stories that would help everyone take more precaution, parents especially.

But what if that exposure – the very thing that until now has prevented some people from ever sharing their experience was the reason they chose not to submit their story? How many people are walking around with so much hurt and pain they’ve never told anyone about out of fear of judgement or ridicule? How much trauma remain hidden because the survivors simply can’t openly be associated with the very thing that may help somebody feel less alone?

Best guess? A lot.

Sincerely, is an online community that will feature stories sent in via emails by survivors with stories that need to be heard, but whose identities must remain hidden. The aim is to share these important stories without sacrifing the privacy of the authors or those close to them. In other words, this safe space opens up a category of interaction and connection that simply haven’t been possible previously.

Imagine ghostwriters, witnesses, men and women, young and old who’ve survived something profound. The young girl who was abused as a child. The young boy who was raped. The sex worker who hasn’t quite stopped having random sex since the abuse as a little girl. The lady who has to scrub intensely after every sexual encounter just to feel clean. The man ladden with self-loathing after sleeping with a woman. The boy molested by his uncle who isn’t quite sure of his sexuality, someone living a double life.

We’re curating stories from those who need to share, with the belief that they can gain support and guidance, less heartache and more love through the shared experiences that binds us and from the readers. Someone, somewhere will read your story and it may have as much meaning to the reader, as it has to you.

And so, do you have a traumatic experience too important to remain a secret? We want to hear about it, we want to help you see that you’re not alone, and we want to help you heal. Perhaps it will change someone else’ life, perhaps it will even have a shot at shaping a better conversation around these issues and a better future for all of us.

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