Soul Vitamins


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At the very core of my being

There is a living and all-powerful force

Protecting me from the evil forces

Sent to besiege and to destroy my spirit


I have been touched by tarnished hands

Yet I’ve remained untouched


I have been seen with unwanted eyes

Yet I’ve remained unseen


I have heard the sound of words

Which were destructively piercing to the ear

Yet I only hear the essence of my beauty being expressed


The tinge of filth has been poured upon me

Yet I’ve remained as fresh as a blossoming flower


I have tasted the bitterness of abuse

Yet my tongue continues to utter

Sweet words of praises

To the unyielding…Everlasting…All-Encompassing

God within me


This strength prevails because

The inner eye sees not like the outer

The inner ear hears not like the outer

The inner nose smells not like the outer

And the inner mouth tastes nor speaks like the outer


I have been victimized and by many I’ve been despised

But in the words of Maya Angelou

I say to them, “STILL I’LL RISE.”


I’ll rise because there is a secret place

Deep within the crucible of my soul

A place of safety and refuge

A place of tranquillity and peace

A place of harmony

And a place of unconditional love

Deep, deep within the crucible of my soul!


 – Angela Glaude-Hosch

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