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This is what you tell your best friend still screaming

into the night on days when she remembers. You must

tell her she is a garden of light. You must listen to her

cry and not interrupt her. You plant flowers inside your

words, you must listen to her pain. You must not let

her die screaming her pains outside her body.


This is what you must tell your friend when she calls

you, unable to sleep, wanting for the darkness to go.


She wants to feel normal again. You must sit, place her

head on your thigh, then you must sing to her. This is

what you do when she calls telling you how she tried

living but the pain keeps coming back, you must

remember to plant flowers inside the words you give

her. You must call her a survivor, you must tell her she

is loved, you must never let her go.

                    You must show her light.


 – Questions for Ada

Ijeoma Umebinyuo

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