I once read that for trauma, there are two types of survivors: those who didn’t die and those who came back to life. Those who didn’t die live very tethered to the ground, they can’t experience pleasure, they can’t trust, because when you’re vigilant, anxious and insecure, you can’t lift your head and take off and play and be imaginative; but those who came back to life are those who understand that the life they have is a gift, they are those who vow that they will cherish that gift and make it count…… I love the idea of coming back to life, and for most of us life is a series of dying and coming back to life, there are days we’re vigilant, anxious and insecure but there are also days we are able to lift our heads and play and just live.

The first step to coming back to life is acknowledging the event that caused the trauma in the first place and then moving on to talking about it, and for some it takes series of re-visitation of what happened to heal and move forward. This is what this community is about. At share anonymous, we encourage everyone, male and female, who has ever been sexually abused, raped, molested and harassed to send us an email anonymously and give us the privilege to share your stories with the members of the community. You are free to send in a one line sentence if that is all you can manage or a full story if you’re ready to share your experience in detail.

Here it is safe to share and you are free from any form of judgement and scrutiny, we want to hand you comfort in one hand and courage in the other, because shame dies when stories are told in safe places. C.S. Lewis said: “Don’t you think the things people are most ashamed of are the things they can’t help?” Sometimes we can’t help where we’re broken, we can’t help how the story turned out, we can’t help how things fell apart and we lost our innocence, innocence here is not only about virginity, most times it’s about our view of the world and the people in it but being ashamed about the things we can’t help ends up helping us the least. Therefore, you can trace those scars with us and let it feed your courage and help you see that there’s no reason to be ashamed of all you’ve been through.

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Shareanonymousng is an online community where people mail in their traumatic experiences anonymously, experiences like sexual abuse, rape, sexual molestation and harassment. Your best friend. Your sister. Your brother. That lady down the street. The quiet guy in school. The loud kid in school. Your cousin. The lady in marketing. Shareanonymousng is for everyone.

We want to end the loneliness, silence and secrecy that often surround these experiences by inviting everyone to share freely and openly.


  1. Our first priority is making sure that every single story is published, that way the survivor is given a safe space to share her/his experience. YOU = our priority.
  2. We believe data science and technology is an important tool for social change, making us faster and more accurate. Your story will influence policies and shape how these issues are received and talked about.
  3. We believe in open collaboration and interaction. Our learnings will be shared on social media, in newsletters, at conferences.