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43 Blessings You May Miss From Time To Time But Which Are Actually There

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We are really great at focusing on what is missing from our lives. Our dissatisfaction generally serves us well; it keeps us from complacency and boredom. But we are also dragged down by our shortsightedness, an inability ever reliably to stop, take stock and recognize what isn’t imperfect and appalling. In our haste to secure the future, we often feel time is running out, but we fail to notice what has not yet failed us, what isn’t actually out of reach: what is already very good. We should be sure to create small occasions when we can pause our striving and, just for a few moments, properly take on board some of what we have to be grateful for – an antidote to all the doses of cynicism and sourness the world injects at every point.

  1. Most of the 78 organs in our bodies have performed pretty reliably since the day we were born.
  2. We don’t need to be afraid of starving – or even being cold.
  3. We are never too far from a hot bath.
  4. We’ve sometimes been surprised by how things turned out.
  5. We can with complete impunity fantasize about the people we can’t have, or don’t have.
  6. We’ve come a long way since the early shyness, incompetence and fear.
  7. Compared with what we feared in the rockiest patches, this is almost ok.
  8. We made it through the storm, or are managing to breathe despite it.
  9. We’re still here.
  10. There were no outright catastrophes today.
  11. A few times, we really experienced what love felt like; or we have hope to someday.
  12. Many of the people we love are still alive.
  13. There’s always music.
  14. Without asking anyone, we could go into many shops and buy a treat, even if it’s just coconut candy.
  15. We could disappear for a bit.
  16. We still have quite a lot of time left.
  17. There hasn’t been a war here for a while.
  18. You can turn on the tap and clean water comes out for almost nothing.
  19. There’s always someone suffering just in the way we are.
  20. Everyone is weird, we just don’t have access to their inner minds.
  21. The silent majesty of a clear night sky, and a bright moon.
  22. We don’t have to take ourselves so seriously; in truth, we shouldn’t.
  23. We can feel heroic about the ordinary.
  24. We have managed to learn a few things down the years.
  25. There are lots of beautiful people we can take pleasure in looking at.
  26. There are people who have loved us, even though we didn’t totally deserve their affection or devotion.
  27. A few parts of our body are really rather beautiful.
  28. Our parents met and managed to make love successfully. We so nearly didn’t even exist.
  29. People who didn’t absolutely have to took a serious and benign interest in our education and development.
  30. Things doesn’t feel so bad after we’ve had a goodnight sleep.
  31. Other people are usually shyer, sweeter and kinder than we’d anticipated.
  32. We’ve perhaps found one good friend.
  33. We can write everything we feel down on paper.
  34. We can, without too much effort, order a bowl of pop corn.
  35. Others forget the stupid things we’ve done faster than we do.
  36. Sincere apologies tend to be gladly accepted.
  37. We can reinvent ourselves – a bit.
  38. Parents keep loving us even if we don’t always make them proud.
  39. No -one can stop us having our own thoughts.
  40. We can still get to hear the jokes and stories of the funniest people on the planet.
  41. In the middle of the night, and in the early morning, we have the world to ourselves.
  42. It isn’t what happened to us that counts; but how we choose to tell the story.
  43. We do not know what will happen in the future.

What more did I leave out? Use the comment session and share or write on your gratitude journal.




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